Import Products From eBay to Magento

Magento has become one of the most trusted e-Commerce platforms for thousands of retailers. Thus it is not surprising for an online seller to want to import products from eBay to Magento and other leading eCommerce platforms. However, this can be very time consuming to do manually.  Also sorting eBay categories, mapping item specifics and processing images can be complex activities.   Also, Magento can appear more complicated to set up and customize than other platforms because of its flexible architecture and extensive built-in functionality.

StaffIt UK has developers with the technical knowledge and experience to help you with this. You don’t need to feel anxious about using up all your time doing these technical stuff instead of focusing on growing your business.

We can even build a new Magento website, fully loaded with products capable of attracting returning customers’ orders while avoiding high eBay seller’s fees.

Our capable team can import your products  ensuring that your data will be handled confidentially and securely during the migration process to make sure nothing is lost or left out. The best part of it – we make sure that the process will incur as little downtime as possible so it will not affect your sales.

We follow a simple process when we import products from eBay to Magento so you can easily follow and understand the updates we send you during the process. This includes:
  1. Using our in-house tools to export import all your live and existing eBay listings
  2. Importing the exported products into to your Magento catalogue
  3. Creating corresponding Magento products along with their attributes
  4. Creating and configure product variations as required
  5. We will configure all Magento categories
  6. If required, we will link back the products in the Magento catalogue we created to the eBay listing using the latest eCommerce software and tools

Our job does not stop with the migration process. StaffIt UK can also help you maintain your site by:

  • Freshening up the Homepage and adding promotions
  •  Adding and updating Featured Products and relevant Upsell items
  •  Grouping Products to make it easy for buyers
  •  Updating and Testing Website Page links and contents
  •  Adding, updating and checking products
  •  Ensuring every Products presents well with correct and accurate details
  •  Cleaning up and improving Product images
  •  SEO including keyword updates
  •  Checking Competitor pricing and offers
  •  Server maintenance including backups and software updates


It takes experts to import products from eBay to Magento.
Call Us Now and let us save you the hassles and the headaches.

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