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Online Sales Success will come to those who simplify and do the basics well

What Does Staff-IT UK Do?
We specialise in providing small companies with cost-effective and experienced people to do urgent and time-consuming eCommerce website admin, so that you can focus on selling more and growing your business.
Should UK jobs be moved Off-shore?
We do not believe in transferring UK jobs offshore. We believe in off-shoring the essential time-consuming tasks so that your UK team can focus on more profit-making activities that will grow your business
How Can Outsourced Team Members Help My Business?
We can save you money by providing solid, reliable and highly educated team members to carry out the essential time-consuming tasks that have to be done to ensure that presence thrives. This, as a result, will increase your sales while giving you the freedom to focus on growing the business.
What Can Outsourced Team Members Do?
Typically Full Time/Part time Team Members carry out the following tasks:

  • Website Admin – e.g. Website Page, Product, Image management, Testing, Data entry and SEO
  • Listing Creation & Optimisation (Website, eBay, Amazon etc.)
  • Server changes and backup maintenance
  • Competitor Analysis and Market Research
What Makes Us Different From Other Companies Offering Outsourced Support?
We only specialise in eCommerce. We know what we’re good at and we know how to help you grow your business. Our contracts are typically month by month, therefore, risks are minimal. We have a very experienced support team based in London. Being able to speak directly to a local skilled team that really understands UK eCommerce and outsourcing pitfalls can make all the difference, since good communication is the key to make outsourcing works. We are so much more than a ‘Dating Agency’ that just matches staff to businesses, since we actively manage and mentor our staff, thus, pooling our experience and expertise in the process throughout our engagement.
How Do I Find Out More About Cutting My Costs, Selling More and Growing My Business?
If you are interested in learning more about our services, please call us for a friendly chat on 0203 239 9750, contact us using the form below or visit our London Offices.

What Our Client Say

“By answering Customer Services emails, the team have have assisted us greatly in scaling quickly with the ever-changing demands of our business. We consider them a key partner in our future growth plans thanks to their flexibility, honesty and the quality service they provide”

James Wayland

eCommerce Manager, Rebellious Fashion

"I am certainly impressed with the team’s work ethic. Not only do they ‘go the extra mile’ to ensure you get the right results, I’ve found them to be honourable in business and more interested in delivering properly to their high standards than simply securing a payment. A rare commodity … thoroughly recommended."

Mike Knight

Director, MKLINK.COM

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