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Benefits of an outsourced e-commerce solution provider:

Times are changing and it can be seen in every aspect of our everyday lives, including the way how we operate our businesses. The most obvious is how mom and pop stores have been replaced by eCommerce stores. This has also led to a significant change how businesses choose employees – from hiring an in-house staff to outsourcing different talents across the globe. Because of this, having a reliable and dedicated outsourced eCommerce solutions provider is a must-have.

Having such a partner gives companies and businesses, especially SMEs a number of benefits, such as:

  • Flexible working model – Focus on your goal of growing your brand and business as we handle the difficult and time consuming stuff.
  • Access a wide range of talents. With the world becoming global, companies and businesses have to accept the fact that having an in-house staff is not anymore if they really want to scale their eCommerce business. More so, there are a lot of specialists and untapped talents from all over the world that are waiting to be at your disposal. By partnering with an outsourced eCommerce solutions provider gives you ready access to that talent.
  • Saves you money. By partnering with a third party service provider to provide you with an outsourced staff, you save money because you don’t have to purchase extra office equipment or need a bigger space. Furthermore, outsource providers like StaffIt UK have lower labor and overhead costs as well as an up-to-date and extensive human resources and logistics experience.
  • Focus more on developing and growing your brand. With a reliable outsourced eCommerce solutions provider to watch your back allows you to focus on the more important aspect of your business – developing and growing your brand to give you a competitive edge in the global market.

Companies and businesses can truly benefit from third party outsourcing providers that can take their eCommerce initiative to the next level with a fast and personalised approach.

On the other hand, eCommerce companies and manufacturers who has a direct-to-customer (D2C) channel using an in-house staff often lose money or exceed their expenses by 40 percent. Whether you are an established or new eCommerce company, running into fulfillment and logistics challenges are inevitable.

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eCommerce Outsourcing

Online shopping has never been easier and convenient. With the number of mobile devices growing and new technology being introduced, people can shop anytime anywhere and have their goods delivered in a matter of days. Because of this, more and more people prefer it to traditional shopping. In fact, online shopping like unique clothing websites have amassed $394.86 billion in 2016 and experts are predicting that the numbers will keep on growing. It’s an opportunity that no business owner wants to lose. It is also a time for eCommerce outsourcing.

A Costly Mistake

This is possible, of course, if you have the right knowledge to build your online shop, keep track of your inventory, develop your marketing and sales strategies, and fulfill customer orders. These are just some of the tasks involved when running an online shop and most SMEs make the mistake of trying hard to do it all alone at the same time.

This is a costly mistake and those who have experienced it will attest how much they’ve paid for it. But you don’t have to go through these painful errors by asking for help instead of doing it alone. E-commerce outsourcing is a route you can take so you can utilize all the services and products that make your business run smoothly.

But when is it time for you to outsource?

If your business has reached a point where it’s difficult for you to keep up because it’s growing too fast for you, that is a sign that you need new people. While that may sound like a good problem, failure to scale it to meet its growing demands can kill it.

However, if you are not ready to hire an in-house staff, outsourcing is a good path to take. There are a lot of products and services that make it easy for you to have your on-demand virtual staff. Some of the tasks you can outsource are sales and marketing, accounting, package delivery, and more. There are also different types of software to make it easier to fulfill these tasks and communicate easily with your virtual team.

If you don’t know where to start with your eCommerce outsourcing journey, StaffIt UK can help you start on the right path of outsourcing. Give us a call now!

Outsourcing eBay Listings

Outsourcing your eBay listings is likely to happen when you are growing your business. In case you are not sure about the right timing to do this, there are some obvious factors that will tell you whether you need to outsource now or not.

Here are some situations that will show you it’s time:

Your business is growing too quickly for you to handle.

A growing business has its benefits and downsides. Good because your revenues are growing, bad because of the increasing demands that come with it. Things can get worse if you are not able to meet these growing demands. If you want to make your growth become long-term, you must have a plan to implement systems that will make your business scale.

In order to bridge this gap as you work and make your business grow, outsourcing eBay listings and other business processes, such as shipping and fulfillment, is a great method. By outsourcing the day-to-day tasks, you can focus more on the important aspects of your business.

You’re growing but not yet confident of hiring new employees.

You’ve been doing everything all by yourself and it has worked but now, you want to make your business bigger. Maybe you’re ready to expand but not yet ready to hire a new staff. So how do you do this? Outsource.

A lot of technology has been developed to make this easier. That means you can command a virtual army for less than the price of hiring a staff.

You want to retain your personal touch.

Customer service is an important element in every business. As a small business, it is easy to personally deal with customers. However, it becomes difficult as your business becomes bigger.  At this point, outsourcing can help you build your brand whether through customer service or delivering a one-of-a-kind experience.

If you are thinking of outsourcing your eBay listings or other tasks StaffIt  UK can help you. Call us now and let us be your partners in growing your business.

Outsourcing eBay Shop

Want to become a part of the eCommerce market without making expensive mistakes? Then, outsourcing eBay shop processes, such as product inventory, order fulfillment and delivery, accounting, and more, is the route to go in achieving these.

When outsourcing, you can either hire freelancers directly through a freelance job board or partner with an outsourcing provider like StaffIt UK. Although hiring a freelancer directly is cheaper, partnering with an outsourcing provider gives you a number of benefits, even when it comes to cost.

Outsourcing your eBay shop processes will also save you money by not having to build new infrastructure or buy new equipment since they don’t go to your office. Instead, they have their own equipment already and are ready to do the task.


One, you save time on training

Outsourcing providers have already trained their people on different eCommerce tasks so they are ready anytime someone hires them. Thus, instead of spending time training, your new staff can delve right into work saving you the hassle of training them. This saves you money as well because you skip the training part.

Two, someone monitors your staff.

If you hire a freelancer directly, you have to monitor them yourself which, in itself, is time consuming. On the other hand, the provider looks after their people and will monitor them for you. Then, you don’t have to worry about them suddenly disappearing or not performing because somebody regulates them. All you have to do is focus on growing your business.

Three, virtual workers often have multiple skill sets.

For example, one might not only excel in customer service but also in accounting, or another might know how to design a website and SEO. In other words, you are paying one but getting more in return. That, again, saves you money.

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