Our Story

You went into business because you wanted to:

1. Be your own boss
2. Find the job you really wanted
3. Have the freedom
4. Make Money

Now most important are “Freedom” and of course making money.

But as we know the world is getting smaller and business is getting tough – so we try to keep our cost low and work 18 hours shifts including weekends, just to save money.

This is how I used to think and do things – but one day I sat back and look at my business and the way I was running it – and it didn’t look pretty.

Yes I was making money
Yes I was saving on cost
Yes I knew everything about my business

However I had aged 10 years within the space of 2 years and one thing you cannot to do is bring back time – I was missing out time for things I really wanted like spending more time with my kids and going on holiday without worrying about the business

What used to waste a lot of my time was admin – Answering email, loading images, correcting the website, ebay shops, data entry, etc…

I employed many people in my time, but they never seem to do what you wanted in the way that you wanted them to do it. Also the good ones either went off and copied your business or wanted more money. Then trying to get rid of them was another mission – redundancy etc…

Anyway this is when I decided to outsource my admin work – and I built a team of people around the world with the skills and experience to do what I needed them to do and what I hated doing myself.

I’m not saying it will stop it never does when you are running your own business but I am now more organised and relaxed and have more time to concentrate on the important things.

This why we set up Staff-IT UK

Staff-IT UK

We specialises in providing small UK companies with cost effective and experienced Outsourced people to support your online eCommerce admin so that you can focus on selling more and growing your business.

Our SKILLED eCOMMERCE ALL-ROUNDERS have experience of working with Magento / HTML / WordPress / eBay / Amazon and typically carry out the following time consuming but necessary tasks to beat the competition and maximise Sales:

* Answering email queries
* Freshening up the Homepage and adding promotions
* Adding and updating Featured Products and relevant Upsell items
* Grouping Products to make it easy for buyers
* Updating and Testing Website Page links and contents
* Adding, updating and checking products
* Ensuring every Products presents well with correct and accurate details
* Cleaning up and improving Product images
* SEO including keyword updates
* Checking Competitor pricing and offers
* Server maintenance including backups and software updates

We can even create new Magento Websites to complement your eBay shops.

However to really make this work, our No-hassle Outsourcing also includes these additional benefits:

* UK based support team who are experienced in selling products on-line eg.Website, eBay Amazon etc
* Low risk & Competitive Managed Full Time / Part Time Monthly Contracts for SMEs
* Our trained & Mentored Team members are typically educated to University Degree level
* No-quibble quick change-out for any reason
* Cover for non-statutory days off and sick leave included
* Communication is normally direct Skype and email with daily task/Hours work logs provided
* Client reviews covering: eBusiness strategy, Design (incl. Makeovers) and IT/Automation

Online Sales Success comes to those who simplify and do the basics well, which takes time and effort

Staff your website with our specialist eCommerce Outsourcing solution for SMEs. This will allow you to pay attention to these urgent but time-consuming tasks, so that you can spend less time on admin hours, focus on what’s important, sell more and grow the business

Call us NOW for a friendly chat to see how you can benefit from our cost effective specialist eCommerce Low Risk Outsourcing Solutions, which are backed up with an experienced UK based support team to ensure maximum effectiveness and productivity.

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