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3 Books on Outsourcing That Every Business owner should Read | Staff IT UK

Business owners are constantly seeking new ways to improve and grow their business and outsourcing is a concept that has helped them in reducing their operational costs while increasing their bottom line. Here are three prominent books that will further help senior managers to develop a more thorough understanding about outsourcing.

Vested Outsourcing by Kate Vitasek

This book is a good read for anyone interested in planning for outsourcing business activities. This book will transform the way you outsource by first identifying hidden flaws that are present in the outsourced businesses and then show readers the way of reinventing relationship with outsourced business to improve, innovate and increase the bottom line.
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Smartsourcing: Driving Innovation and Growth Through Outsourcing by Thomas M. Koulopoulos

An interesting proposed evolution on Outsourcing is something what Mr.Koulopoulos calls ‘Smartsourcing’. Outsourcing is only focused on delegating work to the other person that charges less money for the completion of the task at hand, but smartsourcing will be focused on delegating the work to other to be done in an innovative way while cutting the cost at the same time. Smartsourcing is an interesting read for senior strategic managers.
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Outsourcing- All You Need To Know by Sara Cullen, Mary Lacity and Leslie Willcocks

This book is based on thirty years of research covering over 2100 organizations and college of english language around the world. The author Dr. Cullen is the managing director of The Cullen Group and has extensive experience in the consulting business. This book is aimed at leaders and is a bible for practitioners who want to lead the business by effective outsourcing.
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