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How to create listings that turn browsers into buyers | Staff IT UK

The mobile phone has become the new platform for the window shopping consumer. It is a gateway into a world of promise – a realm that provides consumers with endless possibilities. In turn this new digital landscape provides new hurdles for eCommerce business owners to navigate in order to reach new kind of digital customer. This article will highlight how Staff IT UK’s product listing outsourcing support could help turn browsers into buyers.

What is a product listing?

A product listing is a technical term for a page or page subsection that denotes the listing of a product within a field of categories. In all intents and purposes, the listing page is the product page that your customers will land upon after they click on a specific search result. Making sure this landing page provides a sound product listing experience requires a sound understanding of product listing good practice – this is where Staff IT UK can help your eCommerce business.

How can Staff IT UK help you?

Does your eCommerce business sell hundreds of products? Could your time be better spent on other more profitable endeavours, but you realise that the ‘nuts and bolts’ details – like product listings – require good attention to detail and focus? By outsourcing your product listing to Staff IT UK you can rest assured that professional and qualified product listing managers will help reinvigorate your product listing pages.

Start converting browsers into buyers today

Staff IT UK understands that business-to-consumer retailing in a digital landscape requires a strong focus on both quality and detail. Staff IT UK can help undertake the following support services:

  • Adding new products
  • Re-pricing listings
  • Competitor analysis
  • Image sourcing
  • Promotional updates
  • Using new seller templates

Our team can provide a full range of operational support services that can help boost your eCommerce offering. However, we can also provide bespoke SEO solutions. Search Engine Optimisation is a central tenet of successful eCommerce retailing.

At Staff IT UK we hire the best SEO writers who can help create product listings that use the power of language – and good sales techniques – to turn browsers into buyers. We make sure our content is correct, uses up-to-date SEO standards and follows standard internet marketing norms. This means you product listing pages will be picked up by Google, Bing and Yahoo and flagged as high-quality meaning your page ranking will improve.

So, why not get in touch with our outsourcing team today? Talk to our consultants directly on 0203 239 9750 for more information or alternatively why not visit our website for more information? If you are worried about your product listings or think they need updating to help drive sales, contact Staff IT UK today to outsource your product listing to help drive browsers into buyers.